A Savings account is a basic account which upon opening, makes a person a member and owner of the credit union. This account entitles the person to full use of the credit union's products and services, and bestows the right to one full vote in any credit union election or other voting situation of the membership. 

Features: Earns competitive dividends on balances of $5.00 and higher. Dividends are calculated on the daily balance and paid quarterly. 


Avoid the pressure of the holiday season by saving with this specialty account all year long. What is a Christmas Savings Account used for? 
  • You need an account where you can't access the funds until a specified date
  • You want a stress free holiday season by creating a shopping fund
  • You need to get in the habit of saving regularly 

  • Features:  No minimum opening deposit required, No monthly service fee, Daily minimum balance is only $0.01 


    To open this higher interest savings account, simply deposit a minimum of $2500.00 and have at least $100.00 in your regular savings account. The Jumbo Savings Account requires a minimum daily balance of $2500.00 in your account each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield. If your balance falls below $2500.00 you will be paid at the current share savings account rate. Dividends will be compounded and credited to your account monthly. 

    Features:  No monthly service fee, Higher Yield


    Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union's Momi's Money Account is the perfect club for children age 12 and younger- save from the tooth fairy, birthday cash, an allowance, or money from grandparents. Parents or guardians can help kids open their account with a deposit of $5.00 or more.

    Please note: This club was created to teach children the value of saving money and rewarding them for goals met. On occasion, parents like to deposit large sums of money for their children. Unfortunately, this does not teach them the value of money or how to save. For larger amounts, we strongly suggest also opening a Jumbo Savings Account or a Coverdell Education Savings Account with/for your child.