The PHFCU MasterCard Debit Card gives you access to your checking account, as well as your savings account. Swipe and sign like a credit card or enter your pin like an ATM Card. Use your debit card wherever MasterCard is accepted. With an ATM card, you will have convenient access to your savings account at ATMs. For ATM Locations, visit:
ATM Locations

Notary Services

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PHFCU members that need documents to be notarized may do so at all locations. To ensure timely service and that one of our notaries is available to assist you, please schedule an appointment by calling 808-737-4328 (73-PHFCU). Please bring a current identification card with a photograph. A driver’s license or passport is acceptable.

Coin Sorting Services

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As a member, you can use one of our coin machines, located in our lobbies, for free! Simply drop your coins into our coin machine, select "start", and watch the savings pile up. It beats counting and wrapping all of those coins like the old days. Once the machine is finished counting your coins, take your receipt to a teller to deposit the money in your account. It's that simple! Available at our Waipio and Airport locations.

Safe Deposit Boxes

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Safe Deposit Boxes are available in Waipio to provide extra security for your important items. Boxes can be accessed at any time during regular business hours. The contents of boxes are not insured; therefore, members should obtain separate insurance for stored valuables.

Official Checks

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As an added convenience to our members, PHFCU offers Official Checks for those times when you need funds that are absolutely guaranteed by us. This service is available at all locations.

Traveler Cheques

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Offered in denominations of $50 and $100, and $500. Single signer available. American Express Travelers Cheques available at all locations.

Temporary Checks


In a bind and need checks immediately? We can print checks for your on the spot. Note: Service is only available at our Waipio location.

It’s nice to know that you can always wire money to a family member or friend quickly and conveniently if or when the need arises. And it’s nice to know you can receive it as well. Whether it’s domestic or international, PHFCU's Wire Transfer of Funds service will get it there without a problem. For more information, visit Wire Transfer of Funds Instructions

PHFCUOnline is a virtual branch that provides you with easy access to your account information, products and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information, visit Your Online Branch

Money Orders

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If you prefer not to send cash or a personal check, money orders may be your alternative. Money orders, which are widely accepted in place of checks and cash, can be requested at any location. They are available in amounts up to $1,000. Money Orders are guaranteed by the Credit Union, and therefore is also sometimes preferred by some merchants. In addition, you do not have to specify who the Money Order is being written to at the time that you purchase it.

Emergency Assistance


In the event that you experience an emergency, PHFCU will offer members relief assistance and options, which may include: payment deferments, partial payment plans, flexible payment arrangements and term modifications, low rate consolidation loans, payday loan alternatives, and personal loans for amounts of $300 up to $50,000. Please call us so we can help you.

Member Telephone Service (MTS)


Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union's Member Telephone Service (MTS) is easy to use and a convenient way to access all of your account information. Just call us at 808-737-4328 (73-PHFCU) to access your account. For instructions, please download MTS Instructions