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Pearl Hawaii Credit Union
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Pearl Hawaii Credit Union
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Pearl Hawaii’s Platinum Credit Card

It doesn't get much simpler

This completely straightforward card comes with Pearl-friendly rates.

  • Bring Back the Hanabata Days

    With this credit card, we've taken things back to the good old days. You'll get a nice low rate and a set of terms that doesn't take a detective to understand. Oh, and we don't charge annual fees.
    • Low rates
    • No annual fees
    • Straightforward terms
  • Rates & Calculator

    Credit Cards

    Cards** 6 Month Promotional APR* TypeMin Max APR* AS LOW AS
    PLATINUM 2.022%Variable$500 $20,000 6.24% + Prime apply request increase
    REWARDS PLATINUM2.022%Variable$500$20,000 8.24% + Prime apply request increase
    CASH BACK PLATINUM2.022%Fixed$500$30,00018.00% apply request increase
    SECURED-Fixed$500$10,000 18.00% apply request increase

    *Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The loan rates advertised are “A” Tier loan rates in our Multi-Tiered Loan Rate Program. Other rates and terms are available. Other terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply. Visit any of our branches for more information. May not be used for a business loan. The borrower must be 18 years of age or older. Promotion is subject to change or cancellation without prior notice. The Introductory APR for purchases and balance transfers will apply to transactions posted to your account during the first six months following the opening of your account. Any existing balances on Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union loan or credit card accounts are not eligible for the Introductory APR for balance transfers. APR for Balance Transfers - 0.00% Introductory APR for a period of six billing cycles. After the 6 months promotional period, a card will revert to the approved Tier-Rate. Secured Credit Cards do not qualify for this offer.

    **See Visa Credit Card Disclosures for additional information.

A Platinum Credit Card. Simple.

Apply online and we'll send it straight to you.