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Pearl Hawaii Credit Union
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Debit MasterCard

Secure. Smart. Simple.

This Pearl Hawaii Debit MasterCardĀ® is accepted pretty much anywhere.

MasterCard Debit Card
  • Like cash, but better

    A debit MasterCard is a lot like cash, but much easier to carry around. It's tied directly to your checking account, so you can easily keep track of your spending. You can also use it to withdraw money at ATMs.
    • Easy to manage with our free app
    • Accepted virtually anywhere
    • Less hassle than cash
  • To turn your card On or Off, you will need to download our Pearl Wallet app. Our free app lets you manage your card from anywhere. In addition to turning your card on and off, you can set spending limits and even make custom alerts based on things like geographic location.
    To get pending debit card information, log in to PHFCUOnline and review your checking transaction history. Your pending transactions will be listed as the most current transactions in your transaction history and will be identified as Pending.
    To change the PIN on your debit card, please call us at 808.737.4328, Option 2.
    To activate your card and/or select your PIN, please call 808.737.4328, Option 2.
    Please immediately call 808-73-PHFCU (808-737-4328) and select Option 2. We will assist you with this immediately.
    For a complete list, visit: ATM Locations

Open a checking account

Interested in this debit card? It comes free with our checking account.