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Pearl Hawaii Debit Card Upgrade 2021 – GLIA

PearlHawaii Debit






In September, Pearl Hawaii will begin its conversion over to a new card processor, enabling us to provide you with enhanced card services. We are excited about the changes ahead and look forward to providing you with continued outstanding financial products and services.






Instant Issue product resumes (tentative date)


The first group of contactless Debit Cards will be mailed to members (cards will be sent over a 3 month period).


Debit Card signature-based transactions that were conducted between 9/15 and  9/24 were posted to accounts on 9/29.

Our recent debit card conversion experienced a delay with posting two-part signature-based debit card transactions in a timely manner.  Signature transactions first send an authorization to hold the funds on your account followed by the posting transaction which is normally posted to your account within two or three days.  You may have noticed the authorization part of the transaction was received and held against your account, but your account was never debited for the transaction until 9/29.

We apologize for the confusion and frustration this has caused you.  We understand that the delay in posting debit card signature transactions has caused a lot of confusion, frustration, and anger.  Please be assured that we will reverse any related fees that you may have incurred. Additionally, if your account has gone negative as a result of this situation, we will rectify this situation.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 808.73.PHFCU (737.-4328) or email us at


All two-part debit card transactions that occurred between 9/16 – 9/24 have been posted.



Our recent debit card conversion experienced an issue with two-part debit card transactions.  These transactions send an authorization followed by a posting transaction within two or three days.  The authorization part of the transaction has been received without any problems. Unfortunately, we are experiencing a delay with posting the transaction to your account. We are working diligently with our vendor and hope to have a resolution very soon.  We would like to assure you that your payments have been received by the merchants and you do not have to arrange for other methods to pay them.



  • 12:00 am HST Update | Debit Card & ATM transactions may be declined. Most PIN transactions will work during the conversion process.
  • CardValet will be discontinued. In its place, we are introducing Pearl Wallet.



  • Conversion begins at 10 pm HST.
  • Instant Issue service is temporarily unavailable until 10/15 or while supplies last. If the debit card supply runs out, we will have to temporarily suspend this service before 9/15.




Tap and pay to speed up the transaction, reduce physical contact with the terminal, and prevent wear and tear on your card allowing it to last for a longer period of time.


Receive SMS text messages and approve or reject questionable transactions.


Set notifications so you know where your card is used and when.


View your Pearl Hawaii credit card and debit card activity in one place. Additionally, there will be improved online and mobile navigation tools that are easy for you to use.


Load your card to your mobile device instantly while you wait for your plastic card to arrive. Your cards will be accessible in your electronic wallet, which makes online shopping easier. Additionally, if you misplace your physical card, you will be able to still access your cards.


Access Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay with your debit or credit card.


Review your transaction history, click on a disputed transaction, select a dispute reason and submit the dispute. It’s that easy!