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Economic Impact Payments

Frequently Asked Questions and About Your Payment


With the announcement of the Economic Impact Payments (also known as the Coronavirus Stimulus) being distributed, here are a few tips to stay safe and informed:

Eligibility | To find out if you are eligible for the Economic Impact Payment, visit or Get my Payment.

Payments | The IRS will deposit your payment directly into the same account reflected on your most recent tax return.

For more information on how to provide the IRS with your direct deposit information, visit

If you receive a physical check, you may be able to deposit your check quickly by using SnapDeposit. For instructions, please visit SnapDeposit.

PHFCUOnline | To be notified when you receive an electronic deposit, sign up for account alerts. If you are not enrolled in PHFCUOnline yet, you can do so within minutes. Instructions can be found on our login instructions page.

Safety | Be aware of scammers that may try to take advantage of you during these difficult times. Pearl Hawaii will not call and ask you to verify your personal information such as Social Security Number, account number, or account access information.



For Pearl Hawaii related updates, click Covid-19 Update.





Q| The account I used for my most recent tax return has been closed. What can I do to receive my Economic Impact Payment electronically?

A| If your account is closed and you have another open membership with PHFCU, we will make our best effort to redirect your payment to your open account with PHFCU. If your account is closed and you have NO other open membership with PHFCU, your payment will be returned. Please visit for instructions on how to update your account information.


Q| If my account number is incorrect or has changed since my last tax returns, how can I receive my payment?

A| Pearl Hawaii will use your name and other qualifying criteria to find your account number.


Q| What if a friend/family member did my taxes and they receive my returns, will my Economic Impact Payment go to them? 

A| Payments will be deposited to the account you designated on your latest tax returns.


Q| What if I am expecting a deposit in my account for a friend or family member?

A| Payments will be deposited according to their tax returns.


Q| Will I be able to withdraw my Economic Impact Payment immediately?

A| Yes, you can withdraw or utilize the funds immediately.


Q| If my account is overdrawn or I am late on my loan, will I still receive my Economic Impact Payment?

A| Yes, you will still receive your payment.


Q| Once Pearl Hawaii receives the payment, how long does it take to post my account?

A| Once funds are received by Pearl Hawaii, it will post to your account immediately.