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Pearl Hawaii Credit Union
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Pearl Hawaii Credit Union
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Additional Services

  • As a member, you can use one of our Coinstar kiosks, located in our lobbies, for free! Simply drop your coins into our coin machine, select “start”, and watch the savings pile up. It beats counting and wrapping all of those coins like in the old days. Once the machine is finished counting your coins, take your receipt to a teller to deposit the money in your account. It’s that simple!


    MEMBER BENEFIT | Free up to $200 Per Day. 5% Thereafter.


    NON-MEMBERS | 9% Fee

  • Safe Deposit Boxes are available in Waipio to provide extra security for your important items. Boxes can be accessed at any time during regular business hours. The contents of boxes are not insured; therefore, members should obtain separate insurance for stored valuables.

  • As an added convenience to our members, PHFCU offers Official Checks for those times when you need funds that are absolutely guaranteed by us. This service is available at all locations.

  • In a bind and need checks immediately? We can print checks for your on the spot. Note: Service is only available at our Waipio location.

  • If you prefer not to send cash or a personal check, money orders may be your alternative. Money orders, which are widely accepted in place of checks and cash, can be requested at any location. They are available in amounts up to $1,000. Money Orders are guaranteed by the Credit Union, and therefore is also sometimes preferred by some merchants. In addition, you do not have to specify who the Money Order is being written to at the time that you purchase it.

  • In the event that you experience an emergency, PHFCU will offer members relief assistance and options, which may include: payment deferments, partial payment plans, flexible payment arrangements and term modifications, low rate consolidation loans, payday loan alternatives, and personal loans for amounts of $300 up to $50,000. Please call us so we can help you.

  • Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union’s Member Telephone Service (MTS) is easy to use and a convenient way to access all of your account information. Just call us at 808-737-4328 (73-PHFCU) to access your account. For instructions, please download MTS Instructions

  • To send a wire transfer, come into any of our branches. Make sure to bring all your recipient’s banking info, as well as your ID. Wire processing times are from Monday through Friday (Domestic Wires: 8:00 am – 10:30 am HST,  International Wires: 8:00 am – 9:30 HST). Our Member Service Representatives can accept wires any time during the day, but your request must be received before 10:30 am for domestic wires and 9:30 am for international wires if you would like to have the wire go out on the same day.