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Get paid to save

The more you save; the more you earn.

saving certificates
  • Savings your way

    A certificate is the perfect way to get more out of your savings account. Choose how long you want to deposit your money, and how much you want to deposit. Then, simply sit back and watch it grow.
    Open with just $1000 and choose your term... With our special certificate rates, you can boost savings for future goals—from down payments on big purchases, to retirement nest eggs and more.
    • SET IT & FORGET IT Opening a certificate is easy. Once it’s set up, just watch your savings grow.
    • DEPENDABILITY   Certificates are a low-risk way to earn more, with fixed-rate returns guaranteed for the entire term of the account.
    • SECURITY Get extra peace of mind knowing your money is protected by the NCUA.
  • Certificates

    Term Minimum Balance APY*
    3 years $1,000 0.65% Open
    2 years $1,000 0.50% Open
    1 Year $1,000 0.45% Open
    6 months $1,000 0.25% Open
    30 to 179 days $1,000 0.20% Open

    *Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Rates and terms effective June 3, 2021. Fees could reduce the earnings on the account. Penalty for early withdrawal.

  • In most cases, you can contact your employer's Payroll/Human Resources Department to sign up for either of these services. You will need your Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union account number and routing # 321380328.
    If you work for a company that offers Payroll Deduction, you can have part of your check deposited automatically into your accounts. Some employers allow Direct Deposit, which deposits your entire paycheck directly into your Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union account on payday. In addition, Social Security, pension or any other recurring federal payments can be deposited directly into your account.
    You can make deposits in person, by mail, through an electronic ACH transaction, transfers through PHFCUOnline, or automatically through direct deposit/payroll deduction.
    You can both open your account online. After completing the primary member's information, please click the box to include the joint owner at the bottom of the screen. If you are opening your account in person and if you are opening your account(s) with a joint owner/co-applicant, they must be present during the enrollment process in order to validate their identity. If they are not available, open your account as an individual and request the appropriate application(s) to have a co-applicant added at a later date.
    Typically, your interest will be paid when your term is up (once your certificate has "matured"). You can also request that your interest be paid monthly. We'll send your  earned interest to the account you specify- Yep... you can choose!
    Yes. The penalty we may impose will be the greater of seven days of dividends on the amount withdrawn or all dividends that have been earned not to exceed 90 days.
    Yes. You may borrow up to 90% of the pledged Certificate.
    You can pick how long you want to set your money aside. Any date between 30 days and 3 years is an option. Once your term is up, you'll also have an option to renew your certificate.

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