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Account Change

Pearl Hawaii has been working very hard to evaluate all aspects of our existing operations to ensure ongoing success. Through these evaluations, the Credit Union has identified account numbers that are required to change for system and/or security reasons.

Affected members received a letter to alert them of this required account change. We will not ask you to do anything or provide any information as a result of these communications.


CAN I STILL USE MY CHECKS? If you were utilizing checks, Pearl Hawaii will issue you a new box of checks. Please use these checks immediately and discontinue use of your existing checks.

DO I HAVE TO CHANGE MY AUTOMATIC, ACH PAYMENTS, OR DIRECT DEPOSITS? Existing ACH Payments and direct deposits that were created prior to the account number change will be transferred over to your new account number automatically.

Some payroll companies may conduct a validity check on the account, which may result in you receiving a paper check for that pay period. Consequently, there may be a short delay with the deposit of your funds. Depending on your employer’s policy, direct deposit may take up to two pay periods. If you have any payments or transfers linked to your deposit, you may have to set up this again.

To set up an ACH payment or direct deposit, please use your new account number and Pearl Hawaii’s Routing Number (321380328).

WHAT HAPPENS TO MY EXISTING SERVICES? You can still use your Debit and Credit Cards as you normally do. All existing certificates and loan terms will remain in effect as described in your account and loan agreements.

HOW DO I ACCESS MY ACCOUNTS ONLINE OR WITH MY DEVICE? Please continue to access PHFCUOnline and mobile banking using your current login credentials.

WILL I STILL BE ABLE TO ACCESS MEMBER TELEPHONE SYSTEM (MTS)? Yes, when logging in, please use your new account number and access code.



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