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Direct Deposit + Payroll Allotment



Take the easy route

Stop worrying about depositing your paycheck, making a loan payment, or leaving your mail unattended. When you set up Direct Deposit and Payroll Allotment with your employer or with your Social Security check, your money is deposited electronically into your account and directed where you need it to be. These services are safe and secure and make banking stress free.


Direct Deposit

Can’t make it to the credit union on payday? You don’t need to worry with direct deposit. Your entire paycheck will be automatically deposited into your account, saving you time and money!

Payroll Allotment

If you’d like only a portion of your check deposited into your account each payday, consider payroll allotment. Payroll allotment is an easy way to add money to your savings account, pay on a loan, or contribute to your IRA. A part of your paycheck is deposited automatically into the account(s) of your choice.

Direct deposit is the easy, worry-free, and safe way to have your payroll or recurring checks deposited directly into your Pearl Hawaii account. Deposits are made electronically so you never have to worry about a lost check or leaving your house.


How to set up Direct Deposit 

To receive payments electronically, you need to provide account information to the organization that is paying you. They may require that you use a particular form (such as a direct deposit form) or they may ask you to provide a voided check. Some human resources departments require you to enter the information online.

To receive payments, you will need to provide the details below to the organization that will be paying you.

  • Provide their requested information and your Pearl Hawaii…
    • Account type – checking or savings
    • Account number – If you need to verify that you have correct account information, please call us at 808.737.4328 (73-PHFCU) or visit any location
    • Routing number – 321380328
    • Financial Institution name- Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union
    • Financial Institution Address- Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union, 94-449 Ukee Street, Waipahu, Hawaii 96797
    • Name of account holders listed on the account


Direct Deposit & Payroll Allotment Tools

Payment Agency TypeForm
Federal Government AgencyStandard Form 1199A
Federal Government Benefits (Social Security, Supplementary Security, Department of Veteran Affairs, or other federal benefit checks)Visit GoDirect
Military Pay (Active Duty, retired/veteran or reserve military, DoD, and DFAS civilian employees)Visit MyPay
Social Security Administration
Pearl Hawaii's Direct Deposit and Automatic Payment FormDirect Deposit and Automatic Payment Form