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Pearl Hawaii Credit Union
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Pearl Hawaii Credit Union
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Tax Loans

Stay on top of your taxes

Keep yourself in the green with this timely loan.

Tax Loan
  • Make every April a breeze

    If you struggle to pay taxes on time or simply want to protect your emergency fund from a big lump expense, we can help. Our reasonable tax loans let you keep your head at tax-time— and your extra cash.
    • Instantly cover big tax expenses
    • Handle property taxes, income taxes, etc.
    • Keep things cool with the IRS

     I became a member, got a loan, and paid my taxes all in the same day. What a lifesaver!

    – Dannie

  • Monthly Payment

    Loan amount
    Rate (APR)
    Term (Months)

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We'll help you pick a payment schedule that works for you and your life.