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Electronic Newsletter 

In order to provide you with the most up-to-date news, Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union will be transitioning our newsletter to email. The Pearl will be completely digital after the 4th Quarter 2021 issue. Please update your email address to ensure that you are completely up-to-date with upcoming services, promotions, or changes.

To verify that we have the current email address, please call us at 808-737-4328 or please fill out this form:

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The Pearl, the newsletter of Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union, provides useful information about managing your personal finances while keeping you informed about everything we’re doing to enhance your credit union experience. We will automatically e-mail the newsletter to you on a quarterly basis when you’re a member of Pearl Hawaii.

Also, you can check out Upgrade, Pearl Hawaii’s Blog, which keeps you updated on all our news, events, products, and also offers useful tips.



The Pearl: Our Newsletter

Upgrade: Our Blog