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Automatic Loan Payments

Automatic Payments from PHFCU make saving time and money easy!

  • Dont miss a payment again!

    If you have a Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union loan or even a loan at another qualifying financial institution, you can sign-up for Automatic Loan Payments to ensure timely and safe payments.
    • Make your monthly loan payments through payroll deduction or automatic transfer from your PHFCU checking or savings account.
    • Set up Bill Pay on PHFCUOnline Banking to make payments for loans at other institutions.
    • Loan payments will be automatically deducted from the account you specify.
    • Relax, knowing that your payment is received on time - no more late fees!
  • You can choose to set up monthly payments (due on the 1st, 10th, 28th or last day of each month) or bi-weekly (every other Friday) from your PHFCU account.
    Yes, PHFCU Online Banking offers FREE Bill Pay where payments can be set up as a one time or re-occurring payments.
    You can always access and verify Automatic Payment transactions 24/7 via PHFCU Online Banking.
    If you have a PHFCU loan, you can opt for Automatic Payments, which will electronically transfer funds from your PHFCU account to your loan. Choose from payroll deduction, automatic transfer from another account at PHFCU though PHFCU Online, or electronic payments from another institution via ACH.
  • Save money on stamps and envelopes
  • Save time - forget about writing out checks and putting them in the mailbox
  • Save on potential late fees - Automatic Loan Payments are always on time
  • Manage your loan bills on “auto pilot”
  • Protect your credit rating by ensuring prompt payments