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Bank Anywhere with PHFCU Online

Pearl Hawaii has created products and services within PHFCUOnline that will help you bank anywhere that you have an internet connection and a mobile device or computer. With the world suddenly shifting to staying home, the importance of being able to do anything you need from home easily has risen. Many people are switching entirely to online shopping and only going to stores when absolutely necessary.

At Pearl Hawaii, we believe banking should be convenient and innovative. We are proud to offer many options to let you stay home. With PHFCUOnline, you can do many things that historically would have required you to come into a branch. For example, you can deposit checks, budget your expenses and income, apply for loans, talk with a Pearl Hawaii staff member, pay your bills and issue checks or send electronic payments, plus so much more.

What is PHFCUOnline?

PHFCUOnline is a free service that gives you access to manage your accounts and loans. Additionally, many additional services are available to you once you register. PHFCUOnline serves as your own personal branch, right in your pocket, and allows you to perform the most routine banking tasks from the comfort of your computer or mobile device (with our app) anywhere. Login Instructions

Is it secure?

When it comes to your finances, feeling secure is essential. Pearl Hawaii has taken several measures to ensure your money is secure. Multi-Factor Authentication with a choice of text, email, or phone call helps protect you. Additionally, online banking alerts provide a quick and easy way for you to stay on top of your account activity. Once you log in, sign up to receive alerts via email, text, or push notification. You are in control and can configure the alerts any way you want.


Can I manage my bills PHFCUOnline?

Absolutely! With PHFCUOnline, we offer many different features to help you stay on top of your finances, including managing your bills.  LIFE (Loans, Investments, Finances, Earnings) Manager can help you keep track of all of your accounts, and income, and see your complete financial picture. With Bill Payment, you can keep track of each of your regular payments and budget accordingly. Additionally, you can schedule automatic payments, and schedule reminders or alerts, and the system helps you see what’s coming up.

What if I need to make a deposit?

Making a deposit at your convenience has never been more important. Why spend your free time traveling to and from your branch after work or on your lunch break? Why go through the trouble of loading your small children into the car? There are several reasons why coming into a branch to deposit your check just isn’t convenient. With SnapDeposit, you can deposit your check in a minute. Snap Deposit Instructions. Deposit limits may apply. Please include “For PHFCU Mobile Deposit Online” before endorsing.  Click link for complete disclosure SnapDeposit Service Agreement.

What if I need to open a new account or apply for a loan?

With the many great accounts, we offer, at any point you may be thinking of opening a new account, Certificate, High-Yield Savings, or just a secondary checking account. Or, maybe on your way to work this morning, your check engine light came on yet again, and you’ve decided that it’s time to finally get that new car you’ve been eyeing. Instead of coming in, just visit open an account or apply for a loan at the top of our website.

Can I transfer money?

Pearl Hawaii provides its members three ways to transfer their funds conveniently and quickly. If you would like to transfer money using PearlPay or My External Accounts and its your first time, please send Pearl Hawaii a request with a Secure Message (once logged into PHFCUOnlinelocated within the left menu).  Once logged in, you can transfer to a member, amongst your own accounts at Pearl Hawaii, or to an account that you have with another financial institution, or to someone else that does not have an account with Pearl Hawaii.


Isn’t it easier to do all of these things with a person who knows how to help?

We completely understand. You may start a loan application online, get a bit into it, and then realize that you have questions. The benefit of having a person who knows how to help guide you through this has not been forgotten, and our team is ready to help. We will always be here and available to help you. Visit any location, give us a call at 808.757.4328 (73.PHFCU), email us through our secured messaging system once you log in, or email us at


How do I sign up for PHFCUOnline?

We are happy to offer online banking to all of our members for free. Register Here


Help! I forgot my password. What do I do? 

Click the forgot password link, visit any location, or give us a call at 808.757.4328 (73.PHFCU).