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Teen Debit Card Checking

Before They Fly the Nest

Train their financial wings with an account designed just for teens.

Teen Debit Card Account
  • Teen Debit Card

    Teen Debit Card Checking Offers Perfect Practice

    What better way for your teen to learn how to manage money before full adult responsibility kicks in? With their own Pearl Hawaii's Teen Debit Card Checking Account, teens can thrive with a bit of financial freedom. More importantly, you can help them along the way. Adult relatives can co-sign so they can be money mentors during this important time of life. Get your teen on the right track by opening a checking account today.
    • For ages 13-17
    • Comes with a Debit MasterCard
    • With our app, adults can monitor their teen's spending
    • Complete Control- Turn off their card if spending gets out of hand, shut down the card if they lose it, set limits on how much they spend, or let them spend money only in a certain zip code.
    • Free Account Alerts. Receive text messages if your child exceeds spending limits or if their account balance is low or met the spending threshold that you set.
    • No monthly service fee

    I like that my teens can have their own accounts and cards and that I can monitor them. Pearl Hawaii’s Teen Debit Card Checking account makes it really easy for our family. -Vickie


    We originally selected Pearl Hawaii’s Debit MasterCard because we needed to get our daughter a card that day because she was leaving on a trip… they printed one for her on the spot and she loves the cute designs she could choose. -Kelly


    Giving my sons their allowance is so easy now. I can transfer to my kids’ account! Tracking my kids’ expenses is also super easy. -Shaun


    This was the only place that allowed me to get a debit card for my son. He is learning to manage his money and the app makes it simple. -Howard


  • Pearl Hawaii's Teen Debit Card Checking account is available both online and in-person at Pearl Hawaii locations. Get started with awesome free digital tools and a top-rated mobile app to help your teen manage their money anywhere and anytime.
    You can deposit checks almost anywhere, anytime with SnapDeposit and Pearl Hawaii's app. Just sign in, snap pics of your check, and deposit.
    Parents or legal guardians can set up an automatic allowance, conduct one-time transfers, reward their teen's goals with cash, remove money, view transactions, and receive text alerts and notifications through PHFCUOnline.
    Teens can check their balance, set up savings goals, set aside money for spending or saving, deposit checks, set up a direct deposit, and get account text alerts and notifications through our Pearl Hawaii app.
    As a joint account holder, you’ll be able to access your teen’s checking account anytime. Set up text alerts and email notifications for card transactions and account activity.
    With our free mobile app, you are in complete control. You can control how, when, and where your card can be used. You will be able to turn your card on and off. Additionally, you can set up controls for what location the card can be used, what times it can be used, and what merchants your teen can use their card. Also, you can control spending limits and restrict spending to merchants in your geographic area.
    Pearl Hawaii's mobile features let you see transactions within PHFCUOnline. Once you’re registered, download our app through your device's app store.
    Once your teen's account is open, they will receive a Pearl Hawaii Debit MasterCard in their name that they can use to make purchases or withdraw cash where MasterCard® is accepted. They can visit one of our participating branches to have an Instant Issue Debit Card printed while they wait after the choose a design that they would prefer. If you don't have time to come in, we can also send you the standard Pearl Hawaii Debit MasterCard through the mail.
    Any teen who are 13 - 18 can open their account with their parent or legal guardian. Once they turn 18, your teen can choose to open their own checking account and transfer their balance.
    Pearl Hawaii's teen checking debit card accounts gives your teen the ability to learn how money works. They can set up and work toward a specific savings goal and you can monitor their progress every step of the way. Essentially, your teen will be able to open an account, conduct transactions, and practice their budgeting skills.
    To turn your card On or Off, you will need to download our Pearl Wallet app. Our free app lets you manage your card from anywhere. In addition to turning your card on and off, you can set spending limits and even make custom alerts based on things like geographic location.
    To get pending debit card information, log in to PHFCUOnline and review your checking transaction history. Your pending transactions will be listed as the most current transactions in your transaction history and will be identified as Pending.
    To change the PIN on your debit card, please call us at 808.737.4328, Option 2.
    To activate your card and/or select your PIN, please call 808.737.4328, Option 2.
    Please immediately call 808-73-PHFCU (808-737-4328) and select Option 2. We will assist you with this immediately.
    For a complete list, visit: ATM Locations
    In most cases, you can contact your employer's Payroll/Human Resources Department to sign up for either of these services. You will need your Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union account number and routing # 321380328.
    If you work for a company that offers Payroll Deduction, you can have part of your check deposited automatically into your accounts. Some employers allow Direct Deposit, which deposits your entire paycheck directly into your Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union account on payday. In addition, Social Security, pension or any other recurring federal payments can be deposited directly into your account.
    You can make deposits in person, by mail, through an electronic ACH transaction, transfers through PHFCUOnline, or automatically through direct deposit/payroll deduction.
    Our routing number is 321380328.
    Yes, you can have more than one savings or checking accounts.
    You can both open your account online. After completing the primary member's information, please click the box to include the joint owner at the bottom of the screen. If you are opening your account in person and if you are opening your account(s) with a joint owner/co-applicant, they must be present during the enrollment process in order to validate their identity. If they are not available, open your account as an individual and request the appropriate application(s) to have a co-applicant added at a later date.
    To reorder checks, you'll need PHFCU's routing number. It's 321380328. 
    You'll also need to have your correct account number. If you are unsure what your account number is, please call us at 808-737-4328 (73-PHFCU).
    1. To reorder checks by phone, give us a call at 877-838-5287.
    2. To reorder checks online, simply fill out the form.

Open Today

Time is of the essence during the teen years. Get your child on the right track by opening a checking account today.