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Tips to Help Control Holiday Spending

From gifts, travel, parties, and decorating – there are tons of financial pressure associated with the holiday season.

$967 is the average amount someone will spend on gifts this Christmas according to Prosper Insights & Analytics. Think you can’t get through the holidays without spending a small fortune? Here are some tips to help make this season less expensive.


Set Limits

Spend only what you can afford. Set an overall budget and a budget per person. Stay within your limits.


Make a gift list

First, list all possible gift receiving family members, friends and co-workers. Now, start cutting and only spend if your budget allows it- for everyone else make some scrumptious treats like butter mochi and furikake snack mix- Yummmm!


Comparison shop

Consider online shopping to get the best deals, but be sure to figure in shipping costs. Once you have purchased a gift for someone, cross him or her off your list. Avoid adding last-minute impulse items just to make your gift seem more meaningful.


If you need to spend

Emergencies do come up and if money is tight, consider getting our low rate Holiday Loan Special or take advantage of our promotional credit card rate of 3.99% APR (see ad for details). Whatever you do, please do not access your Overdraft Protection (ODP), use a high rate credit card, or miss a
payment on your other obligations.


And of course…

Although it’s late this year, remember that holiday spending is a recurring expense. You should establish a Christmas Savings Account that you regularly contribute to throughout the year.