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30 Year Mortgages as low as 2.875%

30 Year Mortgage

If you’re looking for a low home loan rate with affordable monthly payments, Pearl Hawaii can help you with rates as low as…

2.875%* | 2.984% APR*

Rate includes 1 point 



Our 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has a fixed interest rate and monthly payments that never change which are great for those looking for stability in their home loan.


  • Low rates
  • Borrow up to $765,600
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Stability – You lock in the interest rate on your mortgage for the entire term since its a fixed rate. This gives you a degree of predictability you won’t have with an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM).
  • Gaining more time to repay is another popular reason for refinancing. If you’ve made payments on a 30-year loan for a few years, for example, you could refinance the remainder back out to 30 years. This would likely result in a lower monthly payment amount.


30 Year Mortgages

Fixed Rate Term RatePointsAPR* AS LOW AS Payment Examples Based on an A-Tier rate of $100,000
30 Year Mortgage- Owner Occupied, First Liens2.875%1.002.984%Monthly principal and interest is 360 payments of $414.93. Total interest payments is $49,374.15; total of all payments is $149,374.15.
30 Year Mortgage- Owner Occupied, First Liens3.125%0.003.156%Monthly principal and interest is 360 payments of $428.42. Total interest payments is $54,228.89; total of all payments is $154,228.89.

*Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Rates are subject to change without prior notice. The loan rate advertised is an “A” Tier loan rate in our Multi-Tiered Loan Rate Program. Other rates and terms are available. Other terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply. Visit any of our branches for more information. May not be used for a business loan. The borrower must be 18 years of age or older. Rate is subject to change or cancellation without prior notice. Only improved residential properties on Oahu accepted as collateral. Payment example does not include possible fees, insurance, or closing costs that may occur and will range dependent on your situation. The advertised rate is as of 4/5/21. There are no pre-payment penalties or annual fees. Fees that may be incurred: application fee, title insurance fee, document preparation fee, SRA\appraisal fee, tax verification fee, trust review fee, recording fees, or flood verification fee. Closing cost fees incurred will be dependent on the amount borrowed and will vary. Average Closing Cost: $800.00-$1500.00 and may vary dependent on the member's personal financial situation. You must maintain broad form hazard insurance on the property, listing PHFCU as a loss payee. Maximum loan amount: $765,600. NMLS 472169. Equal Housing Lender. Federally insured by NCUA. 
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