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Refinance My Car

Refinance Your Car and Save

We'll help you get you a better deal on your car loan

refinance my car
  • Refinance My Car

    Refinancing a vehicle loan from another institution to Pearl Hawaii can be a great way to save on the vehicle you already own.  
    • Refinancing for new and used vehicles
    • Reduce your interest rate
    • Lower your monthly payments

    I refinanced to Pearl Hawaii and they literally saved me hundreds off the rate of the loan and thousands on my emergency repair. What a difference!

    – Amanda

    Refinancing helps you keep the vehicle you love — and save more

    Is your auto loan with someone else? When you refinance with us, we’ll give you $100 in cash… not to mention a better rate!

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Feel confident at Pearl Hawaii

From the finest service to the latest tech, we've got your back in every possible way. At Pearl Hawaii, we are committed to providing you the most innovative products and services. From home or car loans and helping you with other banking services. Bank at any of our Oahu locations in Waipahu, Ewa Beach, Waianae, Honolulu, Pearl Harbor, or near the Airport. Additionally, you can bank using PHFCUOnline just like one of our branches. To contact us, call us at 808.737.4328, toll-free at 800.987.5583, or email us at