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PAL Certificate

Your PAL at the Dealership

Let us help you make car buying a little easier with a PAL (Pre-approved Auto Loan) Certificate

  • You have a PAL at PHFCU!

    Get pre-approved at Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union before buying your next car. You will benefit from our great rates and have much of the process finished before you ever visit the dealership.
    • Convenient – have your financing in place before you go to the dealer.
    • Valid for 30 days – shop at your own pace.
    • Good for either new or used vehicles.
    • Using a PAL Certificate is easy! Simply show the dealer your PAL Certificate once you find the car of your choice.
    • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) and Vehicle Service Contracts- Purchase can be included as part of your pre-approved loan amount.
    • Increased buying power by receiving a complimentary vehicle MSRP/KBBR value look up.

What is a PAL Certificate and how does it work?

A Pre-Approved Loan (PAL) Certificate may be used for a new or used car at any licensed dealership for up to the maximum pre-approved amount. Knowing exactly how much you can afford as well as your interest rate and terms ahead of time gives you more bargaining power during price negotiations, allowing you to shop at your own pace and with extra confidence.