1937 Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union (Formerly Pearl Harbor Federal Credit Union; PHFCU) was founded when six credit unions were organized and chartered to service the civilian employees of Pearl Harbor according to their respective areas of membership. 

1945 The war ended and the six credit unions experienced a huge increase in demand for financial services as consumer goods and housing became readily available. 

1952 Credit union officers and government officials met and decided to create a central office with a full time staff and to merge all six of the shipyard credit unions into one. 

1955 The merger into Pearl Harbor Federal Credit Union was completed. 

1963 PHFCU rose to the top ranking credit union in the state of Hawaii. Also during this time, with PHFCU's determination to strive for financial excellence, NCUA had congratulated PHFCU for being the first in the region to make educational loans under the Education Act of 1965. 

2001 Members lost access to the Credit Union due to September 11th and executive management and the Board of Directors met and created an action plan to increase access for these members. Part of this plan included a commitment to build a new facility in central Oahu that would be convenient and accessible to all of the members on island, especially the members who lived on the West or North side of O'ahu. During the construction of PHFCU's Waipio location, the community requested access to financial services. 

2005 PHFCU applied for and received a Community Charter, which allowed the Credit Union to service individuals who live, work, attend school, and worship on the island of O'ahu. In October of 2005, PHFCU opened its doors to the new main office in Waipio in conjunction with the announcement of the new Field of Membership. 

2015 The credit union changed its name to Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union.


Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union (Formerly Pearl Harbor Federal Credit Union; PHFCU) continues to provide financial services to the island of Oahu and has gained a stable and trusted reputation in Hawaii. PHFCU has built a solid foundation to provide affordable financial services, financial products, technical assistance, and educational resources to current members as well as to all who reside on the island of O'ahu.

Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union Waipio Location