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What is Bill Pay? 
Pay all your bills online or from your mobile device. 

•  send payments to virtually anyone in the U.S. 
•  schedule payments up to one year in advance 
•  receive and pay selected e-Bills from leading merchants 

To get started using, you will need to be enrolled in PHFCUOnline and have a checking account.


Scheduling Options
With our Bill Payment system, you will be able to schedule payments according to when you want them sent. The send date is the day you want us to begin processing your payment. 

Recent payments: Click on the dollar amount area and a payment details page will pop up. It will state whether if they payment will be made by check or electronically. 

Sending a payments: Once you enter the dollar amount and click on send money, a review payment page will pop up. Above the delivery date,  a check or envelope will be shown to signify the delivery method.

Payment Inquiries: You can verify if the payment was received or make sure you wrote the check for the correct amount (click "Payment" then "Payee").  

Payment Center
Split an expense with a roommate or a significant other.  


Create reminders to help you when a payment is due.  Billpay

Easy to Use
Organize your billpay recipients by groups. You can also rush a payment. 


Help Is At Your Fingertips
We’re confident that you will find our Bill Pay System to be intuitive and easy to use. However, if you have questions, our online help videos provide detailed information or you may call us at 1.808.737.4328. For after hours assistance, please contact 1.844.699.0374 (available between 2:00 AM to 8:00 PM HST, 7 days a weeks).

Check Payments Allow You To Keep Your Money Longer!
When you schedule a payment to someone who cannot accept electronic payments (such as a local merchant, friend, or relative) the check that is produced will be exactly like your checks.

The advantages are:
•  You get to keep the money in your account longer.
•  If the check is not deposited, no money will be withdrawn from your account.
•  You will see images of your bill payment checks for reconciliation purposes.