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A Debit Card for Teens – Financially Educate Your Teen


A debit card for teens is the first step to teaching financial freedom. Parents can help guide their children on the right financial path with the help of Pearl Hawaii’s Teen Debit Card Checking account (for teens aged 13-17). Overall, parents can manage spending habits and teach them positive financial behaviors through the use of a debit card. Essentially, parents can monitor transactions and get alerts concerning the account and advise their child along the way.

Plan for the future together

Ultimately, give your teens the financial tools today to build the future they want. Keep track of their spending and help them save toward their goals with PHFCUOnline and our mobile app. Also, teens can customize their banking experience within our online banking system and they can choose their own debit card design. More importantly, teens can learn with LIFE Manager, a tool within Online Banking, that helps members budget their assets. Additionally, teens can set up and work toward a specific savings goal, and you can choose to reward them when they get there.

Financial First Steps with a Debit Card For Teens


  • Transfer funds anytime
  • Set up your child’s allowance with a recurring transfer or transfer money as needed.


  • Total Access for Parents | As a joint account holder, you manage your child’s account.
  • Complete Control for Parents | Turn off their card if spending gets out of hand shut down the card if they lose it, set limits on how much they spend, or let them spend money only in a certain zip code.
  • Free Account Alerts | Receive text messages if your child exceeds spending limits, their account balance is low, or they have met the thresholds that you set.

Free Features

  • No monthly service fee.
  • Additionally, there is no minimum deposit.
  • Your child can use any First Hawaiian Bank ATM to access their cash.
  • Debit Card customization and same day printing with Instant Issue
  • An app that gives you complete control and app where they can manage their own transactions and savings.
  • Online Banking that’s customizable so your teen can practice money management
  • Free Account Alerts. For example, you can receive text messages if your child exceeds spending limits or their account balance is low- plus more!

Open a Debit Card for your Teen

Simply, open your teen’s account online now to get started.